NBB Advisors

The mission

NBB M&A Advisor’s mission is to offer tailored-value-added solutions for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), corporate groups and institutional entities (family offices, private equity funds and others), either in restructuring, investment or expansion and internationalisation transactions. Integrity and maximum confidentiality are the cornerstones of our service.

Tailor-made solutions – NBB structures every deal or negotiation according to your needs. We know the right players to work with, locally and internationally.

Value-added solutions – NBB always maximises the value of each deal or transaction. We also deliver you a full advisory service. It is in the interest of our partners to have someone at their side who keeps track of the negotiation process.

NBB Mission

“Advising Local Clients Focusing on Global Solutions”


We accompany the entrepreneur, the company and the buyer with consideration of all stakeholders during the implementation of a company sale and succession planning.

A successful corporate transaction requires the right preparation, professional integration and sensitive communication.

Prepare company

The right preparation significantly influences the success of a transaction. We understand what buyers are looking for, help to prepare your business and develop the right strategy.

Business valuation

We use different valuation methods (DCF, P/E ratio, net asset value, etc.)

Sell Company

We prepare a sales exposé and develop the sale strategy together – which can be direct contact with potential buyers/investors or sending the sale offer to an existing database or through a public publication.

Buy Company

We accompany the due diligence of the buyer and provide all necessary documents. Once a buyer has been determined, a purchase contract is negotiated, drawn up and executed with the buyer and seller.

Integration Support

Every Merger & Acquisition’s transaction involves risks. We support the transfer / integration in an optimal way. This includes clear processes, know-how transfer and interim management.

Stakeholder Management

We understand the discretion that is required towards customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders (interest groups). We create a communication and action plan for each phase.