Başarılı bir kurumsal işlem doğru hazırlık, profesyonel entegrasyon ve etkili bir iletişim gerektirir. Öncelikli hedefimiz, müşterilerimize sağlam ve profesyonel danışmanlık sağlayarak değer oluşturmaktır.

M&A konusunda önemli olan konular ve güncel gelişmeler hakkında bilgi edinin.

Güncel Yazılar

Creating a simple business valuation with multiples

Introduction – Why should I use multiples? Price is the paramount issue in any M&A transaction. Beyond anything else, it determines the amount of value that is transferred from the buyer in exchange for ownership of the company. While there are several established methods to estimate the price range of a company, M&A professionals gravitate …

Towards the capital – FinTech of Opportunities

Modern FinTech solutions help businesses find investors, carry out successful transactions and manage their operations in a predictable manner. Learn more about the benefits of the Closir ecosystem and AI technology. Imagine how many opportunities there can be when you escape the limits of intermediaries, have the entire investment universe at hand and reach investors …

Direct Access to Capital: Closir AI Technology

Companies state their desire to raise funds. Investors state their willingness to invest. At the same time, the International Business Brokers Association statistics show only 10% of closed deals. So what prevents successful deals and, most importantly, what can help business and capital establish an effective dialogue? In August 2018, Axilliem Capital Deal Makers became …

Are you ready to sell your business?

As soon as you decide to sell your own company, you have two options. The first one is to sell your company how it stands today with all the strengths and opportunities, but also with all the weaknesses. In this case, you have to be prepared that you will not reseive your asking price. The …