The company is producing elevators for building constructions. All lifts are tailor made to meet spatial requirements of each building. Sizes of lift are from the smallest lifts, personal lifts up to big freight elevators.

The company has an experienced team and motivation for future growth.

Company starts its activities in 1991 and now the owner is planning for retirement.


The company is a privately-owned family business trading in agricultural commodities for 27 years. During its existence, the company has managed to build the firm position in the market with good relationship with domestic and foreign clientes and suppliers. Business partners include leading domestic and foreign agricultural companies. During the year, the company trades and logistically ensuress about 60,000 tons of commodities. The company is purely commercial, has no warehouse or car transport. The company is stable and has built a reputation as a reliable partner amongst business partners, thus reaching constant business performance.

Consultancy For Financing and Insurance

Franchise system is international consultancy network for financing and insurance, operating in different countries.Franchise provides an integrated service with individual solutions and direct benefits for its clients. The company serves market needs with a comprehensive product portfolio offered by selected national and international financial and insurance companies.

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Manufacturer of Moulds for Glass Containers

For sale is the division of the company specialized in the manufacture of moulds for the production of container glass. Recent technology has been occasionaly acquired for the manufacturing of moulds for the production of container glass in press&blow machines. The difficulties at the beginning of production meant a significant burden for the company and company made strategic decision to focus on the other business activities and sell the division. With current equipment and technology, the division has enough production capacity to achieve annual revenues of 7 mil EUR. The investors opportunity in this deal is to take advantage of current production capacity and to incorporate experienced staff – potential to increase revenues without additional investment.

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Construction Company

Established in 1991 the company has developed into regional leader in construction sector. Company has secured many orders in construction of appartments building, administrative and industrial houses. The company has received awards for their quality work. The financial situation is very stable with no outsource financing.

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Mobile Homes Business for Sale

After its establishment the company developed trading activities with different consumer goods. Over the years the ownership structure has changed until today, the company owns two owners. Since 2007, the company started to develop its activities in sales of mobile homes, and in 2010 the company became the leading company in the Czech Republic in the mobile homes. The company has taken the strategy of development through the development of regional sales centers (branches). With the help of a proven franchise consultant has developed a franchise system, which supported the development of branches.For any further information, please contactT: +420 733 773 428E: czechrepublic@nbbadvisors.com

Agriculture Services

Since its establishment the company provides services in agriculture, especially cereals harvest by harvesters threshers, harvesting corn, bagging, clean straw and more. Company develops all year-round activities as the purchase and sale of fuel, purchase and sale of agricultural crops (corn, canola), industrial chemicals and fertilizer, purchase and sale of spare parts for agricultural machinery.

Family Fun Park

The company operates an amusement park for children. Established in 2010 as the first of its kind in the Moravian-Silesian Region with an area of 600 m2. In 2012, it was expanded to an area of 1000 m2. In 2016 there was the opening of new cafes and didactic playroom. The facility is a type of family entertainment center, which is also a quiet zone thanks divided space. The Family Center is part of a shopping center, directly on the 1st floor of the supermarket, which provides ample amount of clients. Parking is at the building.

Supplier of Materials for Construction Industry

Experienced supplier of materials for the construction industry.- general anchoring- accessories for dry construction- accessories for heating systems- anchoring thermal insulation for roofs- the tools under own brandYearly sales at level of 2 mil EUR.