Logistic Software company is looking for equity

The german company provides software solutions for logistic companies and supplierers. The technology enables couriers, express and parcel drivers to be efficient with time, money and resources. The SaaS solution is made for urban area SDD (same day delivery) processes and can be customized for every kind and size of enterprise. The software provides a highly reactive, self learning tour-planing service and is capable of handling millions of data sources in real time.

The company is now raising up to €10.000.000 to fund their expansion strategy.

For more information please contact Michael Stift from NBB Austria.

Industrial companies in metal treatment wanted

A newly installed investment fund (“Smart Industries”) looks for industrial companies in metal treatment which will be acquired partly or fully into the fund and digitalized at their front-end, the interface to their clients to establish new market-possibilities for them, geographically and sectoral.

NBB is appointed to select such companies for the fund. We are looking for companies which are technically well equipped with top quality products related to metal-treatment.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with candidates for this profile.

For more information please contact Michael Stift from NBB Austria.

IT and AI Start-ups looking for equity capital

The german IT company with an industry focus in Digital Workplace, Business Application, Data Management, IT Infrastructure / Services founded several start-ups. The companies employees have long  track record of coding and IT experience. All Start-ups have an IT and AI focus. The need for capital varies from €100.000 – € 2.000.000.

For more information please contact Michael Stift from NBB Austria.

Investment in Service companies

The investment company acquires majority stakes in profitable service companies which they develop with an active buy-&-build strategy.   The   goal is to  grow and secure both company locations and jobs. The investment focus of the company is in the DACH region where they invest in  prospering firm with revenues of EUR 10 – 150m.

For more information please contact Michael Stift from NBB Austria.

Austrian IT service company is looking for strategic investors

The company is looking for an investment in order to expand its business operation into the german market. Currently, the firm is operating in all parts of Austria. Key service areas of the company are the follwing: IT-Servicemanagement, IT-Controlling and IT-Security. The company has multiple well known customers and was able to achieve a steady growth over the last years.

For more information please contact Michael Stift from NBB Austria.