Welded wıre mesh manufacturıng company

Company has started its production in 1974. Company with the total factory area of 30.000 m2, is the foremost industrial mesh, light mesh and fence manufacturer in Turkey with its young talented, expert staff and advanced production technology in international standards.

Factory production capacity is about 30.000 tons per year of welded wire mesh and fencing meshes according to the norms of TS 4559, DIN 488, BS 4483, ASTM 497 and ASTM A 185. In domestic market, company has been taking an important role in many construction projects. Company is also producing galvanized and non-galvanized light wire meshes which are used in farm animal cages, cable trays, supermarket shelves, wire pallets and containers. The annual production capacity of the light wire mesh production line is 3600 tons per year. In addition to the above products, company also has become the leading fence systems producer in Turkey since 2007 after the completion its technological machinery investments. The annual production capacity of the fence systems production line is 3.500.000 m² per year.
Campany has been one of the leading companies in the industry by exporting 40% of its annual production to the USA, Europe, Russia, Turkish Republics, Middle East and African countries.

Company headquarters is in Istanbul/Turkey. Company would like sell its 100% share.

Why a good investment?
• Company brand awareness and confidence perception
• Quality perception of customers related to Company products
• Geographical location of the factory, dominance of the European side of Thrace and Istanbul
• Wide range export related products and ability to expansion of the export portfolio
• High added value provided by new product groups that will participate in production in the next 3-5 years. CRH, one of the most important companies in the world, has obtained an approved supply agreement and an additional trade volume of 2-3 million EURO is expected in the coming years.
• Lattice products for flexible and rapid production as well as the ability to do, is the only company capable of manufacturing narrow tolerance in Turkey
• The existing production area can be increased by 60% by making new halls. Possibility of joint production with some European firms in these new halls (Currently a company from Italy has a request for this)

For more information please contact Ercan Aslantürk, Partner NBB Turkey.