IT System Integrator Company in Turkey is looking for investors

Company founded in 2012 and started their business in IT sector as System Integrator and Solution Provider company.

Company is operating under ISO 9001: 2015 international quality standards with expert and experienced staff, providing all the information and communication technologies in the public sector in Turkey.

The strengths of the company can be listed as follows:

  • High recognition in public institutions
  • Experienced sales and technical staff
  • Ability to participate in large public tenders
  • Tender and project development as a result of close relations and cooperation with many large public institutions
  • Fast response to customer demand
  • Wide product range with most known IT brands
  • Acceptance of price due to perception of quality service
  • Government Purchase Office Catalog (DMO) product supplier contracted with many of the well-known major IT brands.
  • Ability to provide authorized services throughout Turkey
  • Innovative

Why a good investment?

  • Company headquarters is in Ankara and is a company with great awareness in the general public institutions in Ankara and Turkey.
  • It provides added value to public institutions with its strong staff. It has been successful in fulfilling its obligations and has become a committed company.
  • It is a company with business experience and contracts with some well-known global IT brands.
  • It is a contracted DMO catalog partner of major brands such as LG, Panasonic, Brother, Quadro, Avision, LG, HP-E, Checkpoint, McAfee and F-Secure.
  • The company provides authorized technical service (ASP) of a major Notebook brand in many provinces and has the opportunity to provide technical service to other brands with their strong technical infrastructure.
  • Company has high financial credibility in major IT distributors in Turkey (Arena, Index, Prolink, etc.)
  • Company has ISO 9001: 2015, 14001, 18001, 27001 quality certificates and this provides a significant advantage in public tenders.
  • The company has many high-end (10 million TL and more) Project completion certificates from many public institutions.
  • In 2018, company listed among the top 500 IT companies selected by Interpro in multiple categories.

For more information please contact Ercan Aslantürk, Partner NBB Turkey