German data protection company is looking for growth capital

The company has its focus on the area of services in information security. The main focus is on the compliance and IT security aspects required by law on the basis of BSI and ISO standards. Two thirds of the customer agreements are based on recurring revenues in the form of fixed-term contracts with monthly billing over a minimum term of 24 months with rolling renewal. One third of the contracts are project contracts.

The company has strong roots in the healthcare sector and has also successfully gained market access to public authorities as well as industrial and commercial enterprises in recent years.

Investment highlights:

– The business model is largely based on data protection requirements that are set by law.
– High proportion of recurring revenues through 24-month contracts.
– Good reputation in the market and excellent networking and high awareness of the owner & managing director.
– Long-standing track record, a diversified customer base consisting of well-known large and medium-sized companies and public institutions in Europe.
– Highest quality of services through committed and highly qualified employees, a well-rehearsed team.

The company is the ideal nucleus for a buy and build strategy in this growing future market. The owner is therefore looking for an investor who will finance the development of a larger group around his company or integrate his company into an existing group and thus lead it to market leadership.

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For more information please contact Simon Fabsits from NBB Austria.

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