Constructıon hand tools manufacturıng company

Company founded in 1964 by two brothers with wide experience in the sector that leads the construction hand tools and tape measure market with its well-known brand in Turkey.

Thanks to its successful business practices, Company, an indoor factory area of 21.000 square meters, which has a share of 80% at home market with more than 400 product range, became popular not only at the national range, but also at the international marketing area with the export it has made to 60 countries in 4 continent. Outstanding production capacity is 7,500,000 pieces/year, referring to 65% capacity utilization.

Head Office in Istanbul/Turkey with around, factory is in Kocaeli City (Close to Istanbul). Compay is operating with 160 employees.
Company wants to sell 100% of its shares with its brand name, properties and all assets.

Why a good investment?
– Being an old company well-known in industry and having well-recognized brand
– Ability to create new products using technological infrastructure
– Well established distribution channel
– Reduced collection risk from customers
– Company’s widespread and sustainable customer base supports growth potential
– Besides being market leader in Turkey, technological infrastructure and product range allow the company to become competitive even in international markets
– Potential of B2B online sales to support growth
– Quick response of R&D center to the demands of special use, especially from international customers, enables the company to increase production and sales instantly

For more information please contact Ercan Aslantürk, Partner NBB Turkey.