Capital raising – German E-commerce platform for regional retailers

The company has developed a great and unique software that hits the nail on the head: online shopping with a regional focus is currently becoming a mega trend. In addition they operate concept that is already tested and excellently accepted. The only thing missing is the financial power for a super-fast roll-out via franchise!


E-commerce platform and software with logistics concept and payment processing that enables a franchisee of a geographical region to gather local retailers on a common platform, so that their customers can buy ONLINE AND SIMULTANEOUSLY REGIONAL. The Franchisee takes on the function of a logistics provider.

Service concept: Online orders across all products from the retailers in the region, until 22:00 – the next day morning collection of the goods by the logistics provider from the retailers – at midday picking of the goods – in the afternoon delivery of the goods of all retailers in one basket per customer (on workplace or at home).

The technology is a proprietary development based entirely on open source components. Proof of concept with currently already 6 regions in operation!

The system is fully scalable. The retailers are connected via flat rates – not via turnover commissions. The revenues are therefore “recurring revenues”.

Low marketing costs as the concept receives unrestricted support from the regions and thus has communities, the media and opinion leaders are spread and pushed. Experts and market researchers speak of a sustainable development of de-globalization: “Buy online in your own region” is the new Mega-trend!


The aim is to expand to around 50 marketplaces in Germany until the end of 2021. The potential in Germany is around 800 marketplaces. Expansion into other countries is possible with the software without major adaptations and should be possible via Master- franchise concept.

Currently there are already 70 interested regions in Germany. For the processing of interested parties, onboarding, the training, etc., a further development of the central organisation is necessary. Expansion capital is needed for this.


German Blind Profile: Nahversorger-E-Commerce Platform_Teaser_2020

For more information please contact Simon Fabsits from NBB Austria.