Acquisition of a car dealership | Advisor: NBB FL & AT

A well-known and reputed autocar-retailer was looking for additional capacity in his region in Austria and appointed NBB, namely Michael Stift, to start a search process for a car-dealer he could possibly acquire. The target should show a minimum turnover of 250 new cars a year and should have one new brand, from which he could get a dealer contract. This would enable the autocar-retailer to expand his market and his portfolio at the same.

Michael Stift was the COO of the major private Austrian car retailer years ago. Due to his knowledge and network in this industry, he was able to find a beneficial solution for the buyer by finding the right target and by professionally managing the acquisition process. Furthermore, the acquisition was also very beneficial for the seller who is currently still working in the business, but within a larger enterprise with more financial stability and greater reputation.

Advisors: NBB Liechtenstein & Austria, Man. Director: Michael Stift