NBB M&A Advisors

The proper coordination of our experienced consultants’ efforts, the usage of specialised tools and the dissemination of knowledge throughout  the NBB network, enable us to provide companies and individuals with high-quality advisory services in business transactions, empowering local clients to benefit from global solutions and synergies.


NBB is an independent entity capable of providing optimised solutions for each transaction, seeking to meet the strategic goals of our clients.


We promote both national and international institutional partnerships’ establishments in order to be able to provide the best possible solution, in every deal, for every client.


The very essence of our work at NBB M&A Advisors is based on international guidelines and methodologies and bound by professional confidentiality. We are committed to maintaining the privacy of information provided by our clients – names, contacts, and all information will not be disclosed.


NBB advises entrepreneurs and corporate organisations exclusively on mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance processes, based on the experience and expertise of our network, enhancing the efficiency of the services through the global synergies made available to our local clients.


Our primary objective is to build our clients’ value by providing them sound advice and structuring each project as per their requirements. We provide local solutions with the support of our global network and widely experienced team.


At NBB M&A Advisors we consider the free exchange of information within our network to be absolutely imperative. This enables experience-sharing within our network wich is absolutely necessary for the continuous improvement of our services in a globalised corporate environment.


NBB consultants operate within the guidelines of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) and M&A Source Code of Ethics, which emphasise ethical principles such as integrity, independence, responsibility, competence, fairness, loyalty and confidentiality.

„At the heart of each of our core values lies a solid commitment.”

Michael Stift, NBB Partner & General Manager

Entrepreneurs who want a secure company succession benefit from our unique network for company sales, company acquisitions and generational changes.

Achieve the best results in company sales, company acquisitions and generational changes with NBB – Your independent consulting group.