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Вижте нашите последни публикации по въпроси, които са от значение за бизнеса по сливания и придобивания.

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„Corona loan“ – a ticket to bancruptcy?

The so-called “Corona-Loans” could be a ticket for bankruptcy for most of the companies they are granted to! Just for clarification: the guarantees for the so-called Corona loans, which are now granted by governments throughout Europe

Key Value Drivers of a DCF Analysis

Among many investment bankers, M&A consultants, university professors and other financial professionals, the Discounted Cash Flow analysis is considered as the gold standard of business valuation. A DCF analysis is a very flexible

How do M&A advisors create value?

When business owners decide it is time to sell their company, they have to answer the questions „Do I really need to hire an M&A advisors or does it make more sense to do it myself“? Although there are many benefits to hirings an advisors,

What is business goodwill?

What is goodwill? According to businessdictionary.com the word synergy is definied as „a state in which two or more things work together in a particularly fruitful way that produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects“. Synergies accur in many different

Creating a simple business valuation with multiples

Introduction – Why should I use multiples? Price is the paramount issue in any M&A transaction. Beyond anything else, it determines the amount of value that is transferred from the buyer in exchange for ownership

Towards the capital – FinTech of Opportunities

Modern FinTech solutions help businesses find investors, carry out successful transactions and manage their operations in a predictable manner. Learn more about the benefits of the Closir ecosystem and AI technology.

Direct Access to Capital: Closir AI Technology

Companies state their desire to raise funds. Investors state their willingness to invest. At the same time, the International Business Brokers Association statistics show only 10% of closed deals. So what prevents successful deals

Are you ready to sell your business?

As soon as you decide to sell your own company, you have two options. The first one is to sell your company how it stands today with all the strengths and opportunities, but also with all the weaknesses. In this case, you have to be prepared